Veterans Suffering Gulf War Illness

military background Veterans Suffering Gulf War Illness
  • Veterans Suffering Gulf War Illness

It has been over 30 years now since the Gulf War, and less for military personnel that were part of Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF).  Studies have been done, congressional hearings have been heard, but there is still no answer to give our troops for what the cause of Gulf War Illness (GWI) is, nor how to treat it.  What can we do for our veterans suffering Gulf War Illness?

Veterans Affairs has hypothesized GWI is caused by a laundry list of environmental exposures, although those exposures may be different for each patient.  Not only that, the symptoms vary in each veteran who fought for our freedom.  Studies have also shown that immediate family members of these veterans can be affected as well. 

Today, Veterans are still left suffering from multiple chronically debilitating Illnesses and little to no answer on how to treat them.

Operation Truth – Vaccination Exposure Research

There are several veterans groups out there that have been formed based on gulf war illness.  However none of these groups approached things from a vaccination exposure viewpoint.  The VA is Researching many environmental concerns for the cause of Chronic Multisymptom Illness, except Vaccinations. We have plans to change that by gaining the funding needed to conduct the necessary Research in determining the Genetic Biomarkers of those more susceptible to Vaccine Injury. 

Operation Truth was not only started by a Veteran, but is operated, managed and supported by Veterans and their family members. Through the donations given to this organization we can help spread awareness of Gulf War Era Illnesses/Injuries and raise the necessary funding to gain the benefits we deserve.

Short Term Goals:

  • Seeking donations so we can properly budget a grant writer.
  • We will soon be selling swag through our online store to raise additional funds.
  • Plan to apply for a Federally Funded Grant to assist funding our research on Genetic Biomarkers

Long Term Goals:

  • We’re also planning a congressional hearing
  • Walk on DC when they finally listen to us. 
  • Gaining funding for our medical research team directly as well. 

All to educate Congress on how to mandate the VA do the proper Research and educate their employers. 

 What You Can do to Help

  • Share this Post on all your social media pages
  • Donate (at the bottom of any page) even if you can only afford one dollar
  • Buy an Item from our Online Store
  • Tell a friend about Gulf War Illness and Veterans that are Vaccine Injured
Kevin Thomson
Kevin is a former Navy Aviation Machinist Mate, and Former Department of Defense Systems Engineer. Besides being very mechanically inclined, he holds a Bachelors of Computer Science. Kevin is a vaccine injury veteran and spends his spare time helping Operation Truth with their mission.