Statement for Hearing Record – Robert F. Garry, Ph.D

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Statement for Hearing Record – Robert F. Garry, Ph.D

The following link is from a hearing in 2002 from the GWI congressional committee and speaks to both a patented test for squalene and references squalene as the cause for ALS and other neurological issues


This Statement concerns our research with anti-squalene antibodies, including the discovery of these antibodies in the blood of patients with Gulf War illness. Our published data and additional data which has been accepted for publication strongly suggests that Gulf War illness is closely associated with an abnormal immune response to squalene indicated by the presence of these antibodies. Our research also links specific lots of anthrax vaccine known to contain squalene to the production of anti-squalene antibodies. In addition, our research demonstrates that the blood test for detecting these antibodies, the anti-squalene antibody assay, may be an excellent tool to aid in the diagnosis of Gulf War illness.

U.S. Army researchers have verified our discovery of the antibodies and, in May of this year, submitted a patent application covering their anti-squalene antibody work. Our patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,214,566, “Method for Detecting Anti-Squalene Antibodies,” which we believe covers the same technology, had already issued in April of this year. The Army researchers have made a disingenuous attempt to discredit our work, and they have not yet published any studies designed to confirm our discovery of a link between the antibodies and Gulf War illness, though they state that such studies may be feasible.

We believe that such confirmatory studies and additional studies should be undertaken without delay. We also believe that the anti-squalene antibody assay should immediately be made available under government sponsorship to all physicians interested in using it to investigate the condition of their Gulf War illness patients.

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