Letter to Rep. Jack Metcalf – Dept Health and Human Services

letter to Rep. Jack Metcalf

Department of Health and Human Services Sends Reply Letter to Rep Jack Metcalf

Letter to Rep Jack Metcalf –  In this scanned pdf, the Department of Health and Human Services replies to a previous request of Rep. Jack Metcalf.  Representative Metcalf inquired about squalene levels in certain lots of the Anthrax vaccine.  The Department of Health and Human services replied “currently the only adjuvant in licensed vaccine formulations are aluminum compounds.”

They also stated “in addition to Squalene Lots FAV020 and FAV030 were also tested for Aluminum, formaldehyde, and benzethonium chloride.”

However, the Department fails to send the results of the later tests to Mr. Metcalf nor do they state if they were within acceptable ranges.

Full PDF:  http://operationtruth.net/wp-content/uploads/articles/901metcalfletter.pdf

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