Dr Meryl Nass research on GWI

Optic neuritis after anthrax vaccination Dr Meryl Nass research on GWI
Anthrax Vaccine Img

Dr Meryl Nass research on GWI


The safety and efficacy of anthrax vaccine have not been
established, and the preponderance of the world’s literature
shows the vaccine is unsafe, and a contributor to Gulf War
Syndrome as acknowledged in the vaccine’s package insert

Full Article:  https://operationtruth.net/wp-content/uploads/articles/MD%20Nass%20Research%20on%20GWS.pdf

Kevin Thomson
Kevin is a former Navy Aviation Machinist Mate, and Former Department of Defense Systems Engineer. Besides being very mechanically inclined, he holds a Bachelors of Computer Science. Kevin is a vaccine injury veteran and spends his spare time helping Operation Truth with their mission.