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Meet The Founders And The Wonderful Group Of Dedicated Volunteers

Sara Boyd


President of Operation Truth, Staff Sergeant (Retired), Disabled Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, Mother, and the best of them all, Grandmother. She joined the Military in the delayed entry program in 1997, at the age of 17, for the $40,000 college fund. After pushing through a challenging medical history and improving her education, she became a Counterintelligence Special Agent and began her career in Korea in 2007. Which was also the end of her career, her medical challenges began to be extremely painful and she was found unfit for duty. Forcing her promising career to be ended and her life as a Disabled Veteran to begin at the age of 28. After she changed her career and trained for another job, she became too ill to work. At the age of 31, she became totally and permanently disabled, and unable to work in any field. After twelve years of being a Veteran in the VA system, they diagnosed her with what they call Vaccine Immunoglobulin and Antisera Adverse Reaction or Vaccine Poisoning. Due to the fact that she did not deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan, she did not fit within the VAs standard for benefits and had to pay over $20,000 in lawyers fees to prove to the VA that she was Service Connected. It became apparent that the VA needed a serious change in the system for those in her demographic. That is why she started the charity Operation Truth-Gulf War Illness Suffering Unite, to promote change in the VA system through Congressional Mandate. She joined the Military to gain an education and ended up gaining more knowledge then she could have ever imagined. She became something she never thought achievable and is now Fighting a Fight for everyone that she never would have known existed had she not taken the path to become a Military Service Member. Although she has had many titles, her main mission above all, is to change the system for other patients, hold Congress accountable to mandate change in the system and promote change in the Medical Community through Research. Member of West MI Guild Policy and Endorsement Committee

Theresa Kay Leggitt


Teresa Kay Leggett is an Army Veteran and was in the Reserves from 88-01. During 91-95 she received multiple vaccines as part of her pre-deployment, but ended up not deploying. She has dedicated her time to volunteer as part of Operation Truths Task Force due to her own experiences and the suffering her family has endured as a result. Her amazing family consists of 9 children and 8 grandchildren. Teresa has an amazing heart and dedication to helping other veterans improve their quality of life.

Kevin Thomson II


As a young aviation enthusiast, in December 1997 just before his 21st birthday, Kevin decided to enlist in the U.S. Navy. Although he entered undesignated, he was promised orders to a squadron of F-14 Tomcats. After boot camp in Great Lakes, he attended basic aviation maintenance training school and was then sent to Master Jet Base Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, VA. There he attended school for aviation corrosion control and plane captain. Upon completion his first set of orders were with The World-Famous Red Rippers Fighter Squadron VF-11 who were currently deployed aboard the John C. Stennis CVN-74 aircraft carrier on her maiden voyage around the world. It was there he received his first dose (of a series of 6) of the Anthrax Vaccine lot number FAV-020 (amongst other lots). Later in his career he would advance in rank and strike a designation as an Aviation Machinist Mate (Jet Engine and Fuel Systems Technician). Around the year 2000 he started to notice changes in his ability to perform his job. It started with joint pain, migraines, and weakness. None the less he stayed with the Red Rippers and finished three deployments within a four-year period and would go on to be a combat veteran. Near the end of 2003 he transferred to Fighter Squadron 101 also in Virginia Beach, VA. Here he was responsible for training young airmen in his field before they would go on to a deployed command. By late 2005 his second enlistment had come to an end and his health was still unknown. Kevin was cleared for discharge from medical and given an honorable discharge. By 2013 he would graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science through the VA’s vocational rehabilitation program. Around 2014 he picked up a job working for as a Department of Defense contractor. Unfortunately, that only lasted a few years; when he was forced to quit his job and file for disability. By the age of 39, he had become permanently and totally disabled by the VA and SSDI. He now tries to find time to help other veterans with claims, and he shares his knowledge he gains along the way with Operation Truth while searching for an answer why this has happened to so many veterans.

About Us

501(c)(3) charity built to bring awareness to Vaccine Injury, Toxic Exposures and the need for Medical Research to determine prevention, diagnostics and treatment protocols. With additional Toxic Exposure clinics to take care of these patients. We work diligently to educate patients on alternative therapies to improve their quality of life and empower them to heal. This charity was originally put together for the purpose of sharing our stories of triumph and tribulations with other like minded individuals. While receiving pertinent information regarding our medical conditions and how to effectively combat them. Our mission has now expanded to include every Vaccine Injured, and Toxic Exposed patient Service Member, Veteran and Civilian in this Nation. We understand your daily struggles with assistance from agencies like the VA, severe medical gaslighting or any others you have experienced as a patient, friend or family member, and we have your back.

Why We Fight

501(c)(3) Charity built to bring awareness to our Toxic Injured Patient Demographic while Fighting for Change

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In order to receive the benefits these Veterans and citizens deserve, while gaining the necessary funding for Research. We need Congress to enforce an additional ruling much like that was set forth for the Gulf War Registry Exam.