ASIA Syndrome Published 2017

Peer Reviewed Articles:

by Kevin Thomson
National Institutes of Health ASIA Syndrome


The autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA), also known as Shoenfeld’s syndrome, encompasses several autoimmune conditions/phenomena that are induced following the exposure to substances with adjuvant activity. The disease spectrum is heterogeneous in respect to clinical presentation as well as severity of the clinical manifestations. Adjuvants are included in vaccination formulations for their immunogenic properties. Despite being generally well tolerated, safe and effective, some genetically predisposed individuals can develop generalized non-specific constitutional symptoms, autoantibody production, new onset, or worsening of disease presentation. In this review, we focus on the current knowledge presented in the literature on ASIA syndrome, increasing physician awareness about the basic concepts of ASIA syndrome and highlight the devastating amount of data accumulated in the last few years concerning the relationship between various adjuvants and autoimmunity.

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